VLS Platform Series

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The VLS free-standing laser platforms offer increased maximum laser source power levels and larger working areas than the desktop models.

Packages from $50,000 plus GST. MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)

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VLS Platform Series

Flexibility for Growing Businesses

The VLS3.75VLS4.75, and VLS6.75 freestanding laser platforms provide several advantages over their desktop counterparts:

  1. Increased Power Levels:
    • These freestanding platforms offer higher maximum laser source power levels compared to the desktop models. This increased power enables more efficient and precise laser processing.
  2. Larger Working Areas:
    • The workspace on these platforms is significantly larger, allowing for processing larger materials or accommodating multiple smaller items simultaneously. This is especially beneficial for batch production or larger-scale projects.
  3. Rapid Reconfiguration Technology:
    • Universal’s patented Rapid Reconfiguration technology simplifies the process of installing, removing, and exchanging laser sources. Without the need for tools, you can seamlessly switch between different laser configurations based on your specific requirements.
  4. Flexibility for Growing Businesses:
    • As your business expands, the VLS freestanding laser platforms adapt to your changing needs. Whether you’re scaling up production, diversifying your product range, or exploring new applications, these platforms provide the necessary flexibility.

In summary, the VLS freestanding laser platforms combine increased power, larger workspaces, and rapid reconfiguration capabilities, making them an excellent choice for businesses on the path to growth.

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