VLS Desktop Series

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The VLS desktop lasers are the easiest ways to get started with laser technology.

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VLS Desktop Series

Laser Technology on Your Desktop

The VLS2.30DT and VLS3.60DT Desktop lasers offer an accessible entry point into laser technology. These compact devices, approximately the size of a printer, combine advanced laser processing capabilities with durability. Their user-friendly design and small footprint make integrating laser technology into your business seamless. Whether you’re in education, manufacturing, design, or research, these desktop lasers provide a versatile solution.

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Here are some example applications:

  1. Education:
    • Classroom Prototyping: These desktop lasers can be used in educational settings for rapid prototyping. Students can create intricate designs, architectural models, or even scientific apparatus.
    • STEM Projects: Integrate the lasers into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) projects. Students can explore optics, materials processing, and laser safety.
    • Art and Design: Art students can experiment with laser engraving and cutting techniques to create unique artworks or personalized items.
  2. Small Business:
    • Customization and Branding: Small businesses can use these lasers to customize products, packaging, or promotional materials. Engrave logos, serial numbers, or personalized messages.
    • Jewelry and Accessories: Jewelers and accessory makers can create intricate designs on metals, wood, or acrylic. From personalized pendants to engraved watch backs, the possibilities are vast.
    • Prototyping and Product Development: Rapidly prototype small components or test designs before committing to large-scale production.
    • Engraved Signage: Create eye-catching signs for storefronts, menus, or directional signage. The precision of these lasers ensures professional results.

Remember, the VLS desktop lasers are not just tools; they’re gateways to creativity and innovation. Whether in a classroom or a small workshop, they empower users to turn ideas into reality.

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